We apply the technologies and experience of the world leader in insurance telematics

For resolving of particular issues of insurance companies, lessors, auto-dealers and corporate fleets
Our advantages
Technologies of the leader
We own rights on use of technologies of the world leader in insurance telematics.
We are high-level experts in insurance and fleet safety management.
Customized decisions
We are able to adapt decisions to customer's request taking into account specifics of their business
Why the scoring solution and evaluation of the accident
we offer are the most precise?
World №1
41% of the world market
Analyzed more than 300 billion
travelled kilometers
Industrial companies – partners
6 million items
Of switched devices
Countries that use it
17 years
At the market
Advantages for insurance
Engaging of new customers
Individual tariffs based on drive style are more profitable for insured persons than traditionally estimated ones
Lowering the risk of cheating
Owing to technology of the accident reconstruction and immediate reporting on an accident the insurance company can quickly obtain the full information
Clearance of the 'toxic' portfolio.
Analysis of the customer by applying scoring algorithms allow stay objective while estimating possible risks of the accident cost of insurance
High % of motor type prolongation
Individual tariffs (based on drive style evaluation) and immediate reaction on the accident increase loyalty to the insurance companies

Advantages for the drivers
Attractive tariffs for skillful drivers
Disciplined drivers get attractive tariffs and will get interested in prolongation of insurance contracts.
Shortening of the damage
regulation term
The insurance company is automatically informed about the accident and independently contacts the insured for damage report at the moment of the accident.
Immediate help at the moment
of the accident

The insurance company quickly reacts on the accident and, if necessary, can call an assistance or/and an ambulance and redirect to the Technical Service Station.
Improve in safety and cost reduction
of expense on vehicle maintenance

Driver style improvement can both positively influence the expense safety and considerably reduce the expense on fuel, exhaust of car pads, discs, tyres etc.
Component for solution
Scoring algorithms were developed on the bases of the data analyses on more than 400 thousand accidents and 200 billion travelled kilometers. It is in 1,500 times more than a distance from Earth to the Sun.

The following factors were evaluated while making the analyses: urgent speeding and braking, sharp turns, maneuvering, speeding, types of the roads, time of the day and some others.

Interface allows filtering of the data on the certain vehicle equipped with the telematic device on different criteria, including types of violations, date, driver's experience, types of the roads etc. There is a function of their comparison with the average portfolio overall figures.
Immediate reporting on an accident (FNOL)
Immediately after the accident the customer receives a notification. Reporting and contacting the operator as to the accident allows quickly react on the accident and provide help when needed.

Operator can register the damages at once or, if any obstacles, appoint another time for calling back.

Reconstruction of the accident
The solution we offer allows detailed analyses of data on the accident which, in turn, eliminates the risk of cheating:
- The acceleration value on the axes Х,Y,Z fixed by the telematic device before and after the accident;
- direction and strength of the impact;
- possible, actual, bad injuries of the driver (AIS 6);
- mapping of accident actual coordinates

General information on the accident will speed up and facilitate the damage refund and eliminate fraud.
The equipment is installed on the vehicle battery and does not need any qualified assistance on the installation stage.

It is reliably set and stores data on variety of parameters precisely

Estimated time of installation and activation is 3-5 minutes
How it works
of the telematic device

The telematic block can be quickly installed and activated as by a qualified specialist so a driver without specialist's aid.
While the car is being driven the telematic device stores data. The special scoring algorithm uses the data to evaluate the driver style.
Immediate reporting about the accident
Immediate accident notification allows quickly react on the accident and provide help in case it is needed, prepare a detailed report about an accident and damage of a vehicle details.
Reconstruction of the accident
Interface provides access to full information about the accident, evaluate damage claimed and compare it to the data obtained from the telematic device. Objective telematic data helps eliminate fraud.
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